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Pond Construction and  Care Supplies

Arbordale Gardens has provided high-quality garden pond supplies and services since 1973. Since that time, we have expanded our business to include garden pond accessories for fish and water plants. With a vast number of styles to choose from, we offer something for every garden pond lover. The Pond Shop is now located at 11390 Transit Road East Amherst, NY 14051

Unique Pond Designs and Custom Services

At Arbordale, we pride ourselves in unique designs and custom services. Each of our water creations was engineered with care by the Pond Kings, either Jeff Salmon or John Godesiabois. The first step is to assess your yard to develop a thorough and custom pond construction plan. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals for your garden pond, we will walk you through the process of choosing the right pond accessories for the job. Your pond should reflect your unique tastes and flow naturally with the exterior of your home.

In addition to creating a design that works with your sensibilities, we also focus on practicality. Choosing the right pond supplies is the key to setting up a low-maintenance design that saves time and energy. From rock planning to the filtration setup, we will work with you ever step of the way to provide expert advice while helping you achieve your vision of the ideal garden pond.

Certified Pond Builders

Each Arbordale builder receives intensive training and graduates from our apprenticeship program to ensure a high level of expertise and knowledge in the field of pond construction. All of our builders are certified through Atlantic University and regularly undergo continuing education courses to hone their skills. Give us a call today at 716-688-9125 to get started on your garden pond transformation. Pond Opening Service Request

Cheryl Lipps

Expert Pond Advice

Every visit you have access to one of our many Certified Pond Professionals. Whether you need help with pond construction, water clarity issues or fish health our team is here. Water Analysis is always free. We are Arbordale The King of Ponds, Buffalo, NY

Pond pumps

Pond Pumps

The largest selection of water garden pumps east of Toledo. Tiny tabletop fountain pumps to huge special order pumps available to 50,000 gph. Factory direct purchasing and America's largest buying cooperative means sharp prices every day! Ask about our free pump analysis, repair and winter storage.


Fish Happy healthy fish arrive weekly from America's oldest & largest koi & goldfish farm. Fussy sanitation and handling means a long life for your new friends. Pond Grade and Select Koi, Comets, Shubunkins, Sarassa Comets, Golden Orfe are available 12 months a year. American Bullfrog tadpoles and snails available all summer. Click here to learn about Koi types

Pond plants

Water Plants

Arbordale Specializes in filtering and blooming plants. Water Lilies, Lotus and a huge selection of hardy, tropical, marginal, submerged and floating plants

Pond Treatments


We use the product in our ponds before it lands on our shelf. High volume direct purchasing means fresh active bacteria and enzymes. Crystal Clear, Pondbuilder, Pond Logic, UltraClear, Easypro, Pond Care, Airmax, Tetra, MicroLift, Aquascape, Summit and more

Pond Filter


Whether you are filtering a little container garden on the porch or a 20,000 gallon Koi pond, we stock the right filter. Filterfalls, Pressurized filters, Bead filters and more. Easypro, Atlantic Oase, PondMaster, Pond Boss, Pondbuilder, Aquascape, Tetra, Fishmate, Oase

Fish Food

Fish Food

Guaranteed lowest prices. Freshly shipped direct from the factory. EasyPro, Sakana, Tetra, Blue Ridge, Ecological Labs, Crystal Clear, Pond Boss, Pond Care.

refill your Fish food Buckets Save your bucket, save your cash $$$$$

Pond Plumbing Supplies

Pond Construction Supplies

A one stop shop for the pond builder.

  • hard to find plumbing parts

  • repair parts

  • natural stone

  • Ponds, Buffalo, NY

Bulk Pond Liner

Bulk Pond Liner

.045 mil EPDM certified fish safe from Firestone and Pond King.

In stock from rolls 5',10',15', 20' wide cut pieces 25' x30' 30' x30'

Special orders available. Seam & Repair Tape

Protection Matting in several sizes



Fieldstone, Flagstone, River Rock, Boulders, Estate Limestone. Available by the pallet or by the piece.

Tubing & Hose

Flex PVC Tubing 1' to 3"

Spiral Flex Hose 1/2" to 2"

Black Vinyl Tubing 3/8" to 1"

Airline Hose

Pond Filter Media

Filter Media & Replacement Parts for all brands

Matting, Media, Bioballs, Fishfloss, UV bulbs & Sleeves, Pump Impellers, Volutes and more.

Supplies for:

Pondmaster, EasyPro, Pond Boss, Beckett, Atlantic, Aqua Ultraviolet, Tetra, Oase, Mebner, Sequence, Cyprio, Aqua-Elite, Aquascape, Pondbuilder, Cal Pump, Hampton, Supreme, Fishmate, Rainbow, EasyPro, Emperor


Pond Building

Pond Repair

Pond Maintenance

Spring Opening

Fall/Winter Preparation

Waterfall Reconstruction

Water Testing & Analysis

Free Pump Repair

Water Garden Design

Fountain Design

Lake Management

Lake Fountains

Wholesale to the trade

Wholesale accounts are available to full time landscape contractors. Apply in person with resale certificate and business information

Assistance with Pond planning, job specifications and quotations is available at no charge.

Thinking about new a water feature?

Check our Frequently asked questions

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