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Espoma Organic Plant food

Organic Plant Care

Buffalo's best selection of earth safe and sustainable choices. Bumper Crop, Espoma, Safer, Foxfarm, Earth Juice are just a few of our partners.

World's Largest Garden Center Buying Co-op

Hydroponic Cannabis Grow
Scotts Annual 4 step program

Lawn Department featuring Scotts Lawn Pro Fertilizers,  Local Lawn Seed Mixes & Expert Help.

Garden Center 

Arbordale Gardens .  - The  new location opened in April 2023. Staffed with our experts can help you design and maintain anything lawn , garden or pond for beauty throughout the year.  

Expert Advice

The Arbordale Plant Doctor and his entire staff of experienced personnel are available 7 days a week to help you with all of your needs whether you need help with plant care or you are planning a new flower bed or planting grass seed. 

Top Quality Plants

Perennials, Fruit Plants,and Pond Aquatic plants are our specialty

We carry the largest selection of improved varieties in a huge selection of pot sizes to fit every need. We specialize in the newest introductions and local northern grown plants.

Lawn Department

Our Scotts lawn department carries Scotts 4 Step annual Lawn program with our exclusive instant rebate at checkout.   No mail in hassles.  For 55 years we offer the best local grass seed mixes for a successful lawn along with expert help for decision-making. 

Organic Plant Care

Arbordale Nurseries garden center has the best selection of organic in Buffalo for earth safe and sustainable choices in gardening. We carry all of the major brands of organics and our experts can help you make a decision as to which items will work best for your types of plants.

Indoor Gardening 

Equipment, Lamps, Nutrients, Soils, Foxfarm, Earth Juice, Superthrive, Espoma, stonington platinum Soil, Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, and more

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