The King of Ponds              The Salmon Family Garden Center since 1968
Arbordale Nurseries & Landscaping

Arbordale Nurseries & Landscaping

The King of Ponds                         The Salmon Familu Since 1968

History of Arbordale Nursery    Getzville, NY

George Salmon settled in Rochester, NY in 1858 to start a farm and tree nursery. His brothers stayed in Nottinghamshire, England maintaining a multi-generational  farm/nursery that still is in production.  The Salmon Family has been growing plants in Rochester and Buffalo, NY ever since. The current Arbordale was established by Richard & Jeanette Salmon in March 1968 on Dodge Road, the former Lange Topsoil location and the property  had been a working fruit and vegetable farm since 1873.   Arbordale today is run by another generation - Jeffrey and is joined by his son Michael.  Richard passed in 2017 while Jeanette continues to reside at the Dodge Road Nursery and quote's Richard's instructions to "do it right or don't do it" to a new generation.

The Early Years  1960's