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History of Arbordale 

George Salmon settled in Rochester, NY in 1858 to start a farm and tree nursery. His brothers stayed in Nottinghamshire, England maintaining a multi-generational farm/nursery that still is in production today. The Salmon Family has been growing plants in Rochester and Buffalo, NY ever since. The current Arbordale was established by Richard & Jeanette Salmon in March 1968 on Dodge Road, the former Lange Topsoil location and the property had been a working fruit and vegetable farm since 1900. Arbordale has been run  for decades by another generation - Jeffrey    In 2023 John G has joined Arbordale and moved to 11390 Transit Road East Amherst with quoting  Richard's instructions to "do it right or don't do it" to a new generation.   The pond shop will further expand at the new location while Jeff and John will continue creating beautiful landscapes

The Early Years 1960's






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