The King of Ponds              The Salmon Family Garden Center since 1968
Arbordale Nurseries & Landscaping

Arbordale Nurseries & Landscaping

The King of Ponds                         The Salmon Familu Since 1968

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Landscape Design & Consultation


Our signature business that began with a 1959 dump truck and a dream. Founder Richard Salmon moved from Penfield, NY after working in horticulture since age 9.

Our Landscape Designers and Architects work as a team reviewing projects site conditions and plant selection. Coupling the principles of Organic Landscape Architecture with a lifetime of plant knowledge insures a landscape installation that complements the home or business for years to come.  Outdoor living spaces, sequence of bloom, seasonal interest, natural form and low maintenance is the language we speak.


Jeffrey Salmon consults on projects and properties of all size, assisting property managers with landscape maintenance plans, pest issues, water quality in features, staff training and more. Jeff travels Upstate New York sharing his expertise.

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Landscape Construction & Planting

Planting projects of all sizes as diverse as small city gardens to large commercial projects

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Water Garden Design, Installation & Maintenance

We started building ponds in 1973 then slowly dripped our way until 1991 when we added pond fish department. Since then each year we install more and more of a ever widening collection of styles.  Each one custom designed for each clients tastes and interests.

Cookie Cutter Kit ponds is not what Arbordale offers...rather each water creation is custom designed and engineered by Jeff Salmon. Making the feature part of the yard and enjoyable from many viewing locations of the home.  The pond starts with a tour of the yard and a interview of your objectives. The rock choice is the important part of the process as all inspiration comes from this.  A beautiful looking pond is a failure if maintenance is time consuming so water quality and filter planning is top of mind throughout the process. Once a plan that fits the yard and the budget is complete the real work begins.

Our pond builders go thru rigorous training and a apprentice period.  Certification is required from Atlantic University and retraining occurs all year. Master pond builder Jeff Salmon stays with the project until completion. We create or rebuild over 100 ponds a year.  call us now 688-9125 or email us.

Large Pond & Lake Management

 Free Aerial Surveys and Care recommendations.  All Natural NYS approved treatments, Aeration installation and maintenance, Fountain installation, maintenance and repair.

Plant Problem Diagnosis
A Plant Doctor is always on duty to look at your leaves or plant samples.  Please bring all samples in a sealed ziplock bag.
Propane Refilling
full honest fill to the maximum rating of your tank.

Did you know a refilled tank will last about 4 hours longer than a exchanged tank?
Pruning Tool Sharpening
Free Courtesy Service
Bring us your pruners, hedge shears and loppers

Pond Water Testing

Free Courtesy Service

Bring us a sample of 4 ounces or more and our experts will analyze and recommend care.