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Water Features: Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Water Feature is Best?

The answer to this question depends on how much space you have available, your budget, and the amount of time you are willing to spend maintaining the feature. Our Staff experts will help determine whats best for you.

What size is the Best?

You usually will want to base this on your available space and budget. I always tell people to build as large as they can afford but not so large that it looks out of place in your landscape. This honestly isn’t a line used to raise the sales price as high as possible. Fact is, most people build their water feature 3 times during its lifetime and the reason is they want it bigger. Build your dream water feature the first time.

Will it take a long time to maintain?

No. In fact, compared to pools & hot tubs there is less maintenance involved. A water garden or pond is going to require about 15 minutes of weekly maintenance which consists of cleaning the skimmer net, trimming overgrown aquatic plants, and adding the natural treatments to the pond. The Cascading (pond-less) Waterfalls, Bubbling Rocks, Ceramic Bubbling Urns, and Formal Falls features require virtually no maintenance at all.

What is the cost?

Typically, the installed cost of a water feature will range from $1000 to $10,000+. The average professional water feature installation is around $3500 depending on the feature and size you choose.

How long does it take for installation?

Most water features can be installed in one day or two with minimal or no damage to your lawn. Some larger water features make take two or three days.

Can I have fish and plants?

Yes! As long as you have a water garden or pond. Some of the other water features can support plant life but not fish. Adding fish to your pond will have a positive effect on the eco-system and creates a new & exciting element to your feature.

Do I need to winterize my water feature?

Yes, but it’s super easy and usually just consists of removing the pump.

What is the next step?

Call us! 688-9125 or email


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