The King of Ponds              The Salmon Family Garden Center since 1968
Arbordale Nurseries & Landscaping

Arbordale Nurseries & Landscaping

The King of Ponds                         The Salmon Familu Since 1968

Trees - 

Arbordale since 1968 hand selects each tree from Nursery Fields across the Niagara Region.  Most trees are left in the growing ranges for weekly deliveries to the Garden Center.  Don't see what your looking for.......we can easily bring one in for you.  Dodge Road Inventory changes weekly

Commonly Stocked Trees:

Maple Paperbark  Acer Griseum

Serviceberry    Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance

Catalpa    Northern Catalpa

Red Bud Forest Pansy  Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy

Red Bud Merlot    Cercis Canadensis Merlot

Red Bud Eastern   Cercis Canadensis

Dogwood Pink   Cornus Florida Rubra

Smoketree Royal Purple   Cotinus Royal Purple

Gingko    Ginkgo Shangri-La

Magnolia Ann  Magnolia Ann

Crabapple Spring Snow   Malus Spring Snow

Dawn Redwood    Metasequoia

Pear Flowering    Pyrus Cleveland Select

Oak Red      Quercus Rubra

Lilac Ivory Silk   Syringa Ivory Silk

Cherry Flowering    Prunus  Snow Fountain

Cherry Flowering    Prunus Snow fountain Serpentine