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Creative Checklist for Landscape Design

Name___________________________________________ Occupation____________________

Spouse’s Name___________________________________ Spouse’s occupation_____________


City________________________________ State________ Zip__________________________

Phone: Home__________________ Work____________________ Cell___________________

Fax__________________________ Email___________________________________________

Preferred contact method_________________________________________________________


There are ____men, _____women, _____boys and ____ girls living here. Our children’s ages are:___________________________________________________________________________

Their hobbies and outdoor activities include:__________________________________________


The OUTDOOR family activities we enjoy most at home include

Our away from home interests and activities include (i.e. golf, tennis, skiing, travel, theater, spectator sports, etc.) 

How many times per year do you entertain guests OUTDOORS:

Usual number of guests:___________________

Maximum number of guests you would like to be able to accommodate:____________________


Year house was built_________________ Years lived in house_____________

In our home, we tend to favor activities and lifestyles that are:

Our interior décor tends to be:

The furniture styles we enjoy most are: ______________________________________________

The interior colors of our home are: ________________________________________________

Our personal color preferences are: _________________________________________________


Is the site:

If the site slopes, does it fall away to the front, back or sides? ________________________

Which direction does your house face?

What is the general architectural style of the house? ____________________________________

Are there any natural features on the property you want to emphasize or minimize?

Are there streetlights, noise, buildings or views that are troublesome?

Is there any drainage problems?

Which of the following needs or ideas should we talk about?

Do you have a plot map or a site map from either your builder or the county that shows the footprint of the house and the property lines drawn to scale that we can review? If yes, please bring it to our first meeting.


Is there a general landscape design style you prefer?


How often do you garden?

Do you have or desire an area for growing vegetables?

Do you have any favorite trees, plants, and flowers you would like to include?

If yes, please describe.___________________________________________________________


We would like to consider including the following facilities as part of the new landscape plan:

Do you have a targeted start or finish date?

What is your planned investment amount?

Maintenance for the garden or landscape will be done

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Please bring this filled out form to your first Arbordale meeting or fax it to Arbordale at 716.688.9203.

We at Arbordale look forward to with meeting you.

Arbordale, Inc. guarantees that it will not sell or give your personal information to anyone. We consider all communication with clients and potential clients confidential.

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