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Spring Pond Cleanout and Openings

Arbordale offers a complete start up service customized for your home. Whether a complete cleanout or just a equipment startup we can handle this chore for you

Full Drain & Cleanout -

  • We will call or email you (from the info you provide on the info form) prior to your clean-out to confirm exactly what services and products you will require.

  • On clean-out day, be sure to have your garden hose outside (and the water turned on!), waterfall pump(s) and other components readily available and your water garden electrical outlet turned on.

  • Arbordale Pondkeepers will now get crazy with your water feature! We will drain the water (temporarily housing the fish if you have them). The next step is to give the water feature a quick pressure washing and rinse (we don’t want to remove every bit of the beneficial Bio-Film). Once washed down we will trim back aquatic plants, check and replace underwater light bulbs or fixtures, re-adjust rocks & gravel, clean filters, perform pump maintenance cleaning, and finally install the waterfall pump. When all of this is finished, we will add dechlorinator to the water, begin refilling the water feature (and re-introducing your fish if you have them). We will also add an initial dose of treatments, to aid in getting the pond ready for the season including a tint to prevent algae while the bacteria starts to grow.

5. If your water garden includes a pond with fish, upon finishing your clean-out we will refill the pond with enough water to re-introduce your fish. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHING THE FILLING PROCESS AND PLUGGING IN THE WATERFALL PUMP (so that we don’t have to charge you to stay there while your pond fills)

Spring Basic Start Up

There is one main difference between a Spring Start-Up and a Full Spring Pond Clean-Out.

We don’t drain the pond and power wash it.

Other than that we perform many of the same services during a start-up as we do on a full spring pond clean-out which include:

Washing filter pads or replace if needed, Replace U.V. bulb if applicable, Clean waterfall of leaves and sticks, Trim aquatic plants, Reconnect pump and start up filtration system, Perform pump maintenance cleaning, Check pond lights and replace bulbs if needed. We will also get your pond up and running for the season by adding an initial dose of treatments.

If you don’t need a Full Pond Clean-Out, this service is sure to get your pond off to a great start in the spring. In addition we offer a Spring Start-up Service for pondless waterfalls.

Terms and Conditions

The majority of debris is to be removed. If the pond is ‘sterilized’, by removing all living bacteria, etc., the established ecosystem will be destroyed. We will not clean to a "spa" standard but leave a healthy biofilm.

Given the nature of this service, we cannot provide an exact service date. We will not leave a pond until it is running correctly, we will do this for everyone. You will receive a scheduled week that your pond will be serviced. If our schedule becomes delayed you will be contacted. We will provide everyone the same attention to their pond in an effort to make sure their pond is up and running for the season with no major issues.

If choosing the Spring Pond Clean-Out Service, Arbordale will not stay for the duration of my pond filling. I will be responsible for shutting water off and for plugging pump in.


Although we take extra care to keep your fish safe and free from harm during your pond's service, we cannot guarantee their health or safety. Arbordale, Inc does not take responsibility for the health or safety of your fish and will not be held liable or negligible for the health, safety or physical well being of your fish. Our trained staff will use all of their skilled knowledge to properly service your pond and care for your fish during your service. Arbordale does not, at any time take responsibility for any structural or mechanical issues that may arise during or after the pond is serviced.

Checking the box on the right indicates I have read the entire release of liability, understand it completely and agree to be bound by it's terms. I authorize Arbordale to charge my credit card and understand the costs of the services I have requested Arbordale Inc. to perform on my pond or waterfeature.

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