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Propane Tank Refill 

52 weeks a year, Arbordale Nurseries fills propane tanks for residents and business owners in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding area. Honest and to the maximum legal capacity of your tank, we’ll fill ‘er up for a fair and reasonable price.

Don’t Exchange — Get a Propane Tank Refill!

It’s always wiser to purchase a propane refill than it is to purchase a brand-new exchange tank. Do you know why?

In fact, a refilled propane tank will last approximately 4 hours longer than a tank that is exchanged. Furthermore, exchange tanks aren’t filled to the maximum legal limit, so you’re getting less than you should be anyway. All of this makes refilling propane a much better value for your money. At Arbordale Nurseries, we’ll give you the best-possible price on your propane and a fair and honest fill.

You Shop While We Fill

Having to haul your propane tank into a propane gas refill station, only to wait for the fuel and haul it back to your home or work place is a lot of exertion for a fairly simple payback. That’s why we suggest making two trips into one!

Looking to start a vegetable garden this year? Need seed for the birds or grass seed for your lawn? Maybe a new shovel or garden ho?

You can buy all this and much more at Arbordale Nurseries, and it’s the perfect place to shop while we refill your propane tank. Our location features all the gardening, lawn, fountain, and grilling accessories you’ll need to turn your garden, deck, patio, and lawn into a haven of natural delights.

Get in Touch With Us

Arbordale Nurseries has been in the gardening and landscaping business since the mid-1800s in England.

Our passion is providing the best landscaping and nursery essentials as well as high-quality tools and equipment to Buffalo-area homeowners and business owners. Keep your propane tanks full by stopping by our downtown Buffalo location to fill ‘er up at your convenience!

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