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Fruit Trees


Many fruit trees require pollination from another variety of the same type,

Some fruit trees are self pollinating and don't need another tree. Our plant tags carry the pollination information.

Apples - Most apples require another variety of apple within 50 feet.

Apricot, peaches, nectarine - all are self pollinating

Cherries - all tart cherries are self pollinating. Most sweet cherries need a pollinator, a few are are self-pollinating

Pears- Most need pollination from another variety

Plums, prunes - most plums are self pollinating

Mature Tree Sizes - the ultimate size of fruit tress is controlled by how aggressively the the tree is pruned. Fruit trees should be pruned annually to encourage new growth and fruit production. Most trees today are budded on dwarf root stock and mature at 8-10 feet

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