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5 Health Benefits of Houseplants

Posted by jeff on October 21, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Bringing plants into your home beautifies the space, but it also helps beautify you, inside and out. From breathing healthier air to increasing your concentration, house plants offer many health benefits. Our local garden center can help you find houseplants that provide the following benefits:


1. Easier Breathing


When breathing, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants on the other hand, do the opposite during a process called photosynthesis. This opposite pattern of gasses creates a mutually beneficial relationship between plants and humans. Having plants in your home can increase oxygen levels allowing you to breathe easier.


2. Purified Air


According to NASA, houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds from the air each day. These are toxins that come from certain liquids or solids that we have in our home like paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, cigarette smoke, rugs, grocery bags, etc. These toxins are oftentimes trapped inside our homes. Plants pull these contaminants into the soil where they are actually then converted to food for the plant.


3. Enhanced Mood


Plants can help ease our tension by making us feel closer to nature. This is especially important in this day in age in which spending time outdoors is often hard to squeeze into our busy routines. They also beautify our indoor environment which naturally enhances our mood. Stop by our local plant nursery to pick up a potted lilac plant. Lilac can be used to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation and improved sleep.


4. Sharper Memory


Many studies have shown that adding houseplants to your work environment aids with concentration and productivity. Not only that, but working amongst houseplants can increase memory retention up to 20 percent.


5. Better Health


Plants naturally increase the humidity of your home. Studies have shown that this helps with dry skin, the common cold, sore throats, fatigue, headaches, and dry coughs. High humidity makes it harder to transmit the flu virus. Studies have also shown that adding plants to hospital rooms of surgical patients resulted in less requests for pain medication, less instances of fatigue and anxiety, and even faster discharge times.


A quick trip to our local nursery garden center can provide you with a wealth of health benefits for you and your home.


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