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8 Fall Gardening Tips

Posted by jeff on August 26, 2016 at 5:10 PM

As summer falls into autumn, it may seem as if the entire growing season is about to end. Such is not the case. For those who adore their gardens, there are still many things they can do to continue enjoying the garden season. Follow our classic fall gardening tips and learn how you can squeeze just a little more love and life out of the growing season.


Save Money Today

Fall is when you can find lots of garden bargains. A nursery garden center may offer fall discounts, enabling you to get the flowers you love at a price that fits in with your budget.


Remove All Overgrown Plants

Autumn makes the ideal time to move all your overgrown plants into new pots. If you notice problems such as poor drainage or visible roots, move the plants to a larger pot.


Buy Winter Tolerant Greenery

Not all plants loathe the cold. Take advantage of this fact by planting vegetables like chard and lettuce that are fine in colder weather as long as the temps don't dip past freezing for too long.


Grow That Last Crop

September need not mean the total end of growing time. Work with a plant nursery to find crops that grow fast. Radishes can be at the ready in less than a month to add color and crunch to your salads.


Put Shrubs and Saplings in the Ground

Fall is when you should think about planting shrubs and saplings. Planting them now allows them to get a head start during the cold months. Just make sure to protect the plants from frost by wrapping them up in burlap.


Trim Those Perennials

Now is the time to cut back all those plants that have come to the end of the lifecycle. Let them gather enough material for future growth.


Fertilize Your Lawn

Add nutrients to your lawn now and help the grass remain in shape all year-round. The most important application of the year


Find out how to keep your lovely garden in perfect shape even as the temperatures drop. Contact our garden center for help and innovative garden ideas you can use today.


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