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Preparing for Winter a Guide for Cold Weather Pond Care

Posted by jeff on September 26, 2016 at 9:25 AM

As winter approaches, it's important to take the right steps to preserve the health of your garden pond. Here are some things you can do to maintain your pond all winter long, ensuring a good comeback when spring arrives.


1. Remove leaves and debris.


It's easier to simply allow leaves that fall in your pond during the Autumn months to rot and decompose in the water, but this can actually disrupt the ecosystem you have cultivated and endanger your fish. As leaves decompose, they increase the acidity of the water and create a recipe for bacterial infections.  Instead, carefully remove all the leaves, and use the following garden pond supplies to help prevent any other organic matter from falling the pond:



  • A pond netting. This mesh screen allows for air circulation, but prevents large amounts of leaves and snow from landing directly on your pond's surface, helping to preserve the life of hardy pond plants.
  • A net for skimming out heavier plant life. You'll need to carefully remove old flower heads, water lettuce, and annual floating plants. If left in the pond, they will sink to the bottom and decompose. Fish cannot survive the winter with the gases emitted from these dead plants.
  • apply Muck off and Spring/Fall prep per directions on bottle until pond ices over



2. Know the right care for your water level.


The deeper your water, the better your pond will mimic a natural water ecosystem; fish will hibernate and be protected from frigid temperature, and deep water plants are more likely to return to healthy growth in the spring. If your pond is quite shallow, you may need to remove your fish and plants and put them in an indoor aquarium with their familiar pond water and garden pond accessories.  For most garden ponds, you'll need tor have an aerator that continues to oxygenate the water and helps to release damaging  gases.  A deicer maintains a hole in the ice is a valuable device, together they create the best insurance of happy fish.


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